Wisconsin Public Record Search (Free Scan)

Wisconsin public Record Search – Free Scan

We will guide you through how to find public records in Wisconsin by using official court documents from courthouses and police agency’s. We will show you how to find criminal, inmates, vital records and more online and in person by doing a Wisconsin Public Record Search.

We will also explore how to use a third-party search service that will allow you to run a search using a first and last name. Wisconsin is located in the Midwestern part of the United States and has a population of 5.8 million people.

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Wisconsin court structure and flow

The Wisconsin court system is broken down into 237 municipal courts that has 240 municipal judges. Above this is the Circuit courts that is a single level trial court. It has 249 circuit judges in 72 counties. Above this court is the court of appeals. There are 16 judges in four districts. The only court that is higher than the court of appeals is the supreme court.

You can also view pending Supreme court cases by clicking on the table of pending cases.

Wisconsin criminal records

You can find official criminal records in Wisconsin by searching the Wisconsin Court System website. You can search Circuit Court records. These records are open by the open records law of section 19.31 – 19.39 Wisconsin Statutes

Wisconsin Inmate Lookup

You may know someone that is incarcerated in a Wisconsin prison. If so, you can start your search at the ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Offender locator page that will provide a way to search for public record information for convicted offenders in Wisconsin.

Keep in mind that these databases may not have all possible offender information on all offenders. This data does not provide information on offenders that where sentenced to county jails, or juvenile offenders.

Vital Records in Wisconsin

Finding vital records Wisconsin are the main responsibilities of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. You can find copies of birth certificates, death certificates, divorce, and marriage certificates.

From the above site you can request records, fill out an application and learn more about what you would need to qualify for receiving this record. Keep in mind that vital records are harder to obtain unless you’re the immediate family member or the record is yours.

Search a third-party search service

If an official record is not required then try using a search service that specializing in public records when you run a Wisconsin Public Record Search. These services can offer the user an easy way to find and view records directly online. Data is searched from county, federal, and sate resources. You can find criminal, arrest, DUI, contact information, and much more directly online.

Wisconsin Public Records Search

Important National Public Record Websites that may be useful.


Public Records Search by State

Search public records by State. Click on the state below to access public records. Enter a first and last name and choose the state you wish to search for.

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