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Virginia Public Record Search – Free Search Guide

Virginia public record search will allow you to find all kinds of public data from Virginia courts. Accessing this data can be done in a few ways. We are going to go over these techniques on how to retrieve and view this data online and in person. Virginia located in the southeastern part of the United States has population of about 8.5 million people.

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Virginia Judicial System

The Virginia judicial system is set up as follows. You have the supreme court of Virginia that sits at the top of the courts. Under this you have the Appeals court system, followed by the circuit courts, general district courts. Trials are held at the district and circuit court levels. Appeals courts only hear appeals.

Access law for Virginia public records

Out of all the states Virginia is one of, if not, the most restricted for accessing public record data. This has been the case for almost 49 years regarding this statue. As of this writing laws are trying to be passed to relax the blocking of public record data in Virginia.

Virginia court records

Finding court records in Virginia can be done a few different ways. Checking out Virginia’s judicial system website can get you going in the right direction in terms of finding court records. Keep in mind you will not be able to access juvenile or domestic court records.

Court records that can be accessed will run through the clerk of courts for Virginia. You can find this information on individual circuit court home pages to start your search for Virginia court records.

Virginia criminal record search guide

Like most state searches regarding criminal record search data you can find this information at the Virginia Department of Corrections. This website will allow you to search by offender ID and first and last name.

If you’re interested in finding past criminal information you can start your search by accessing the Virginia State police page where you can start the search on this data.

Regarding criminal information as a sub-page to public records we have found that most inmate and criminal records can be found online. Both government and third-party search service access is a good bet when searching for these records

Vital records in Virginia

This is a very popular public record when we talk about Virginia Public Record Search. Vital records will incubus records like birth records, death records, marriage records, and divorce records. These records are very important to people not only in Virginia but other states as well. The Division of Vital Records in Virginia receives an astonishing amount of phone calls a month at 30,000 calls. And it doesn’t stop there, in person they can see almost 9000 people asking for vital records in person.

Keep this in mind when searching vital records in Virginia. Like we said in the opening if this guide Virginia is a hard place to retrieve public records. When searching birth records the information becomes public after 100 years. Divorce and marriage records are pubic after 25 years after.

Virginia Clerk of the Courts offices

Virginia Circuit Courts
Circuit Court Clerks Office
West Virginia Public Record Search

Important National Public Record Websites that may be useful.

Public Records Search by State

Search public records by State. Click on the state below to access public records. Enter a first and last name and choose the state you wish to search for.

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