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Supreme Court Records – Responsibility

Supreme Court Records

The supreme court is the absolute highest court for all cases within the United States. Because this is the highest form of all courts it is responsible for equal justice to the American people while also functioning as a protector and translator for the constitution. Try to search for Supreme Court Records by visiting the Docket Search for the supreme court.

Seats on Supreme Court

The supreme court comprises of a chief justice of the U.S. and has a number of associated Justice which sits at nine. How this is broken down is as follows. There will only be one Chief Justice and eight associate justices that will reside on the U.S. Supreme Court. These justices are appointed by the President of the United States and it is confirmed by Congress.

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What jurisdiction does the United States Supreme Court have?

The supreme court will have certain case jurisdiction like:
• Suits among two or more states that involve ambassadors or public ministers
• Appeal on pretty much any other case that involved a federal law.

Does the Supreme Court have to listen to all cases?

There are just a few exceptions that the Supreme court does not have to listen to a case. A 1925 Act was passed that gave the supreme court the discretion to listen to hear a case.

How many cases does the supreme court receive to listen to?

In a year the supreme court gets asked to listen to more than 7000 cases each and every year. Out of those cases the supreme court may agree to listen to roughly 100 to 200 of those cases.

Primary role of the Supreme court system

The supreme court is the last and highest form of court in the United States and because of this it plays a vital role to ensure the rest of our branch of governments knows the limits of their power.

The supreme court also is the last chance for an individual that are looking for justice once the other two forms of courts are appealed. The supreme court also insurances that all Americans can have a due process of law, freedom of religion and freedom of speech when a changing view of a majority take place.