Staying Safe on Dating Sites

Your guide to staying Safe on Dating Sites

Staying safe on dating sites

A Few Simple Tips For Staying Safe on Dating Sites

In today’s day and age it is the norm to create a profile, upload your best pictures, input your profile data and publish your details to a dating site in hopes of finding that special someone.

On the surface this may be an exciting time meeting, talking, and interacting with others, but using online dating sites can have its problems. Staying safe on dating sites can be done by following a few simple steps.

Keep in mind that your most likely dealing with individuals that you know nothing about and for this reason you need to be careful and follow some basic rules while your navigate the online dating world.

Stay within a close proximity to your zip code.

It’s known that scammers try and target victims that are a long distance away as it’s more difficult to get caught. If someone your interacting with online says their falling on hard times this could be a dead giveaway that something isn’t right.

Make sure the photo you are seeing is really that person

There are ways you can try and verify the picture of a potential date or match from an online dating site. Take the picture and upload it to a site called TinEye. This site will allow you to see where else this photo has appeared online. It’s not uncommon to have scammers steal photos from other social sites and use them as their own. Staying safe on dating sites is not hard, you just need to follow some simple rules.

Never provide your personal data online

This tip should go without saying but you would be surprised by the number of people that give their personal information out to someone they have never meet. Don’t be one of those people. This shouldn’t be done until you meet the person live and in the flesh. After meeting this person it still may take time to built trust before personnel information is exchanged.

Bad grammar can be a clue

Keep an eye out for abnormal use of grammar. While scams can come locally there are a lot of scams that come from other countries.

Quick Tips to remember when Staying Safe on Dating Sites

• Do a quick Google search of the person you are communicated with.
• Do not give out personal information to someone you just meet.
• Set up a Google voice account and give the new person in your life a way to call you before giving him or her your real number.
Run a background search on this person, you will be surprised on what you may find.

Staying safe on dating sites can be done with a few simple steps. Remember follow your gut, if you feel like something is not right, it probably isn’t.

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