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Does a sex offender live near you?

Everyone at some point has asked the question, does a sex offender live near me? This is a question that can and should be answered in a relatively quick time.

What is a Registered Sex offender?

Any person who has been convicted of a crime that has involved a sexual act where the local, state, or federal law requires them to be placed on a sexual offender registry.

Finding Offenders

Users have many tools in today’s tech driven world. Your smart phone, or home PC is all you need. Remember if you do find out that a sex offender does live near you it is illegal to harass or harm them.

You can research specific individuals like friends and neighbors by name by searching here. Simply input the search subjects name and the state they reside and hit search.

Levels of Offenders

Tier 1 – Level 1
Typically non-violent nature with the offender being of the age of majority. These offenders are on the registry for a minimum of 15 years.
Tier 2 – Level 2
Typically of a non-violent nature but this time it involves minors. These offenders are on the registry for a minimum of 25 years.
Tier 3 – Level 3
Most serous sex offender. Convictions are of both violent and non-violent acts with both minors and adults. Offender’s registry duration of the offender’s lifetime.

Uncover the truth

Finding out that a sex offender is close by can a scary find. Buy knowing who is lurking around your streets is something everyone should know. Search your public records and uncover the truth.

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