Rhode Island Arrest Warrants (Warrant Check)

Rhode Island Arrest Warrants Free Search

Rhode Island Arrest Warrants reports will show a person if someone has a warrant out for them. If your reading this post your probably looking how you can search for arrest warrants in Rhode Island.

We will show you how you can run a arrest warrant directly from your computer by searching government websites or a third-party search service that provides all kinds of public records, including arrest warrants.

Rhode Island Arrest Warrant

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Finding Data online from a government website?

The most difficult part of being able to run a arrest warrant on someone is finding the correct courthouse to search. Your search subject will nee to be in the county of the courthouse your searching. Or if your searching a sheriff station you should also know what station he or she was booked into.

It would still be beneficial to call your local clerk of court to still see if you can run a search online.

Finding records using a third-party search service

Using a public record search service is beneficial in many ways. These services usually allow for unlimited searching and users can find more then just arrest warrants. Vital records, public records, VIN searches and more are possible.

Who can arrest someone in the United States?

Federal Police

– The FBI, DEA, and ATF all officers who work for the DOJ (Department of Justice. Because of the U.S. Constitution federal officers cannot exercise general policing.

State Police

– This individuals typically operate of the Attorney General’s office.


– Typically rules and power vary greatly from county to county.

Important Websites in Rhode Island

RI.gov main site


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What is an Expungement

Expungement is a criminal record that has been sealed or removed from someones record so it cannot be viewed by someone else.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The freedom of information Act is a federal law that gives the right for full or partial admission (transparency) to documents controlled by the United States Government.

Things would get even easier in the year 1996 as the Electronic Freedom of Information act was passed allowing certain records to be available electronically. This made searching for court records and arrest history results even easier.

Run a Rhode Island Arrest Warrants Check Now!

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