Pentagon Offers Hackers 150,000 Bounty

Registration is open for people that can hack the Pentagon, however background checks will exclude some from participating. The Pentagon will be offering $150,000 for hackers who are able to find weaknesses within the Defenses Departments public websites.

Everyone shouldn’t get to exited, applicants will have to pass a background check. This program has officially opened on Thursday of last week and it has generated a lot of interest due to the fact that there is a six figure payout. Participants should sign up before April 18th.
Successful applicants will be subject to a basic criminal backgroundd screening, based on the Pentagons press office they want to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.


Is this the first time the U.S. federal government has offered program like this?

Yes, several companies like Facebook and Google have offered rewards in the form of cash to hackers who can exploit bugs in there programs or find weaknesses within their cyber security platforms.

According to Joe Sulivan the chief security officer at Uber says that “This bug bounty programs will help ensure that our code is a secure as possible.”

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