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Pennsylvania Arrest Warrant searches can be achieve a few different ways. First off if your on this page your probably either searching a Pennsylvania arrest warrant on someone you know, or maybe even on yourself. Remember if you have an outstanding warrant is is best to take care of this warrant. You may want to seek legal help before doing so. If your searching on someone else you can try to search the courthouse where the search subject resides or by searching online using another type of search service. Lets talk about each one.

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Using a Third-party service to access Pennsylvania arrest warrant data

This is probably the easiest way to find data on someone. Because you do not need to pin down the exact location of the crime per county to access the record. When searching using a public record search service all you need a first and last name to search. records are searched from a nationwide database from federal, state, and county data. Keep in mind that if you need a certified government copy of the record you will need to search by way of county courthouses and sheriff offices. However if these records are strictly for you then a search service would be a great choose.

Find data from a government website

Users searching for this type of data can also try official government agency like courthouses and clerks office. Along with sheriffs office if they know the arresting office. Start out by calling or visiting there website first. Some websites will have the ability to search this data online. Take a look at the websites below in helping finding Pennsylvania Arrest Warrant and other arrest data.

Pennsylvania Arrest Warrant

1 and 4 U.S. Adults have been arrested, Do you know anyone that has been? Easily find out by running a background search – It is 100% anonymous!

Who can arrest someone in the United States?

Federal Police

– The FBI, DEA, and ATF all officers who work for the DOJ (Department of Justice. Because of the U.S. Constitution federal officers cannot exercise general policing.

State Police

– This individuals typically operate of the Attorney General’s office.

Important Websites in Pennsylvania


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Birth and Death Certificate

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Death Certificates in Pennsylvania

Marriage and Divorce Records in Pennsylvania

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– Typically rules and power vary greatly from county to county.

What is an Expungement

Expungement is basically a legal way of removing or hiding of a past criminal record on someone. So if a persons record has been expunged then you will not be able to view this piece of crime that was removed from public viewing.

Run a Pennsylvania Arrest Warrant Check Now!

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Public Records in Pennsylvania

Public Records in Pennsylvania

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