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Running a Maine Death Records Search can unveil a lot of information regarding the individual you are searching for. Death records are public records that reside in the state where the person died.

Not to be confused with where the person was buried. Records of the twentieth-century may include the person’s age at death, county or state, race, funeral home and other burial information. Over the last 60 years social security numbers are provided on most death certificates.

Why run a Maine Death Records Search?

Death records can be found when no birth or marriage records can be located. These records can provide clues to a person’s spouse, parents or birth when others methods fail.

ATTENTION: We use sophisticated web technology that searches over a billion records within public databases. It is not uncommon to find information that could surprise or even shock you when running a Maine Death Records Search.

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Maine Death Certificates explained

Typically, information on an individual death certificate is given by someone who is close to that person and is called an informant. This is usually a spouse, child or other close relative of the person that has passed. The information that is on the certificate is supplied by the informant.

Information that may be found in a Maine Death Records Search

• Cause of death
• Age of death
• Date of birth
• Place of birth
• Place of Burial
• Time of exact death
• Name of Surviving spouse
• Marital status at the time of death
• Maiden name of the deceased woman
• Residence of the deceased
• Single, married, widowed or divorced
• Parents name
• Occupation
• Disposition of cremated remains
• Provides details of illness
• Time frame within this country
• Witnesses at the time of the person’s death

Important Maine Websites

Maine Vital Records
Maine Genealogy Records
Military Records in Maine

Military Records in the United States

There are several types of Military records that you can find when you are doing a search.

Service Records
Pension and or Veteran Records
Draft,or selective Service Records
Bounty Land Warrants

What information may you find within a Military Record

Birthplace, age at enlistment, names of close family, occupation, and age of enlistment.

also depending on what type of military record you are searching for you may also find the following information: Name, Unit, marital status, medical information, date mustered in and out, along with other information.

How you can access these types of Death records

Please check the military records for the NARA and NPCR and you can order these records by visiting eVetREcs

You may also want to search here(Beginning Research in United States Census Records)

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