Lookup Court Records (Full Guide)

What are court records?

Before you lookup court records you should have an idea of what a court record is. The term Court record or file, refers to an official record that includes the data that took place throughout the trial
When a person goes to lookup court records they have a few options.

They can search this data directly online or they can visit a courthouse and gather that information in person. When searching online be sure to use a reputable search service that searches federal, state, and county data from courthouses nationwide to get the best search results possible.

The general public does have the right to lookup court records, unless a court seals the file, or if the court records contents are rendered confidential.

What information can you find in court records?

When accessing court records you may find the following information or documents within them.

• Uniform arrest report
Arrest warrant
• Complaints
• Written plea
• Affidavit in support of probable cause
• Documents relating to rehabilitation, drug education, youthful offender, stand trial or suspension of prosecution.
• Notice of rights

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Juvenile records and the Public

When dealing with Juvenile records they are typically confidential. There are some exceptions to this rule.

If there is a crime committed by a child this information can be available to the victim that the crime was committed against.

Sealed filed and what can be viewed

You cannot see what has been sealed by courts. If certain areas are still accessible then the public can still view this court records.

Can Court records be sealed automatically?

Yes, court records can be sealed when they meet the following criteria.

• Closed adoption cases (Under Birth Records)
• Juvenile records
• State Secrets
• Individual within the Witness Protection Program

Finding Court Records

arrest record search

Generally court administrator offices will house these records and are responsible to do so. These offices exists at the state level and almost all states will provide some sort of online access to their court record database.

If online isn’t an option for you when looking up court records you could submit an application or phone the appropriate office for help in getting these court records.

County Court Offices

It is not uncommon to be directed to a county court office. Remember that these county clerks offices often maintain civil and criminal court records.

The united States Courts or PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records system will help in finding certain information for bankruptcy, appellate, and federal courts.

Lookup Court Records online

Using a third party to lookup court records can speed up the process and make things much easier. Remember if you need these records for an official reason go with an official government copy. If not, using a third party would be the way to go. Ether way be prepared to pay a fee for this data.

who would want to lookup court records

There are numerous entity’s that would want or need to run a court records search online. A private person or company may want to run a background check because they are a potential employee or a landlord looking to rent property. Do you need to prove ownership of property?

If so you may need run a public record search to do so. Vital records like marriage record searches are also a popular reason to run searches online. There are countless reasons that someone would need to lookup court records and whatever your reason is be sure to use a reputable service when doing so.

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