Arrest Record

Arrest Record


The definition of an arrest record or criminal record is a document that outlines an individual’s criminal history. These records are kept judicial administrative institutions.

What are these records used for?

These records are kept so they can keep check on a person’s criminal history.

What is an Arrest Records Search?

An arrest records search is when an individual searches a public record for data, through the state or federal court system. If this individual that is being searched has an arrest record it will show when the individual was arrested and the crime they were indicted of.

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How do you get your data for an Arrest Records Search?

Law enforcement officers produce an arrest record for every person they take into custody. The arrested individuals go through an extensive booking process once they are taken to the local jail. After they pose for mug shots and have their fingerprints taken, they are interviewed by arrest records officials.

The officials ask the detainees questions to verify their identity then record their height, weight, age, date of birth, place of birth, marital status, occupation and the names of their parents. This data and more becomes searchable by way of public records.

Next, a court date is set for the arrested individual to appear before a local judge. Whether defendants are granted bail or released on their own recognizance depends on the nature of the crime they are accused of and the wishes of the local prosecutor. The defendants can then retain attorneys to prepare their case. If they are convicted, they will receive jail time, a fine, and probation and/or community service.

Why should you do an Arrest Records Search?

Arrest records check can determine the criminal history of an individual that you may be in contact with. Whether this be a new love interest, coach, babysitter or friend. Knowing the history of someone can be shocking, but it’s worth knowing for your piece of mind and your families.

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