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What is a Georgia warrant Search?

A warrant is a document delivered by a government or legal official allowing a law enforcement agency to search a specific area, make an arrest or any other action concerning justice.

How to find Georgia Warrant information automatically

There are many way to go about finding warrant and other public information on a person in Georgia. Someone searching could spend hours or most likely days physically searching multiple websites and locations. The easiest method of finding Georgia Warrant information is to simply input the persons first and last name, select the state, and hit search bellow.

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georgia warrant search

What kind of Georgia warrant info can you find?

We can search and find warrant information in Georgia from multiple areas. We take the hard work out of finding this data by searching and then delivering this data into an easy to read report in real time. Need to find another state search here.

Active Warrants:

These kind of warrants have not been served due to a multiple of reasons.

Outstanding Warrants:

An active warrant appoints a police offers to arrest the individual and bring them into a court of law for the purpose of arraignment.

Search Warrants:

Court issue order to conduct a search of a person’s home, vehicle, or location for evidence.

Bench Warrants:

A bench warrant is issued by the courts to authorize police authority to arrest an individual right on the spot.

Georgia Websites that may help you:

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