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Free Criminal Records Check – Search Guide

Running a free criminal records check can uncover information that could protect you or your loved ones. These records can be run quickly directly from your computer, tablet, or smart phone and uncover important information on someone so you can make a more informed decision.

These records can be run on a new friend, love interest, family member, or anyone you are curious about. All you need is a full name and state to run a free criminal records check.

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What Information Can Be Found When Running a Free Criminal Records Check

free criminal records check

There are many record search services online today, but not all are the same. Keep in mind that most record search services charge a fee because of the quality of their data base, and the amount of time the data has been updated.

Data collected when running a free criminal records check will come from police records, court records, arrest records, and other criminal reporting agencies.
Often this criminal records include a compilation of local, state, and federal criminal information.

Typically, you will be able to find within a criminal record report are:

Past arrests
• Warrant info
• Pending charges
• Acquitted charges
• Dismissed charges

You will also be able to see a person’s Date of birth, address, and more.

Reasons a criminal records check is done

The reasons to run a criminal record check are endless. The piece of mind alone is enough for some to run a criminal record check. Remember not all record search services are the same.

Be sure to use a reputable service that has access to up-to-date records that complies data from local, state, and federal data sources like our criminal records data.

Using Criminal Records

Many organizations within the United States will often require a criminal record check be performed before a certain individual can take a new job with a company. Business that require a criminal background check may be private institutions that require it in there personal policy, Medical industry, government agencies and more.

Typically people that rent property will require someone that is going to rent perform a background check and criminal check. Purchasing a firearms will also require a person to get a criminal records check. Remember that under our laws in the United States felons cannot purchase a firearm

There is as 1 in 4 chance that someone in the United States has a Criminal Record

That’s right, 1 in 4 Americans have criminal record. This statistic is backed up by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Some may be surprised by this statistic and its as great reason to run a criminal record check on someone you know. This is why a record search could help you or loved ones keep out of harm when it comes to someone you just meet or are thinking of doing business with.

Ease of finding records with technology Onine

Today’s technology makes it much easier to find all kinds of public records including criminal records online. You still can visit a courthouse to view this records, but it is way more efficient to search for this records from the comfort of your home by either accessing this record data from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

There are things to remember before using an online service. Make sure the service you utilize searches data from federal, state, and county record sources. Also make sure that the service offers unlimited searches.

Important Criminal Record Sites

National Crime Information Center
Criminal Statistics
Crime Statistics


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