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Warrants are typically issued by the court system and will be managed by law agencies like police officers and sheriffs. The data on the wanted person could exist at all three levels which are county, state, and national levels and depending on the severity of the crime.

Agencies like local police departments and FBI will handle these warrants at one of those levels. Try a search here you just need a name and state to run a free warrant search.

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Free Arrest Warrant Search (Online)

Most people that come to this page are trying to determine if they have a warrant out for them, or if someone they know has an outstanding warrant out for them. This could be either a friend or a family member.

But there are other cases where you may need to run an active warrant search. On a new coach for your child or possible new love interest. Whatever your reasons are, you can easily search for warrants easily online.

Free Arrest Warrant Search (County Websites)

You can try and run a free arrest warrant search directly from a county website. A quick look at your county website should let you know if an online search is possible.

Try contacting your local sheriff department. They may also be able to provide the information your searching for.

There Are Different Kinds of Warrants

Criminal Warrants

A judge will order a criminal warrant on a person suspected of committing a crime. Remember that there was probable cause that the crime was committed by this person.

Traffic Warrants

There is a lot of talk about if an unpaid ticket happens can I have a warrant issues for my arrest. And the answer is yes. People may forget to pay a traffic ticket and not even realize they have a warrant out for their arrest until they get stopped again. You may want to run a quick arrest warrant check on yourself.

Search Warrants

A search warrant is just what it sounds like. These warrants are issued by a judge which allows the law agencies the right to search for a specific item or person within a specific local. There are time frames that the warrant most be used by or it will expire.

No Knock Warrant

Law agencies do not have to make their self-known and can legally enter an area or premise without knocking or letting their presence known.

What must happen to make an arrest in the United States?

An officer must have these present to make a lawful arrest. Probably cause or a valid arrest warrant.
When talking about a valid arrest warrant the warrant must be issued by a magistrate or neutral judge that must determine there is probably cause for the arrest.

The arrest warrant has to identify the individual that is to be arrested. Keep in mind that if an officer has the necessary probably cause, the warrant is typically not needed for the arrest. With that said laws will vary from state to state.

What about probably cause

You may not know that probably cause can be from hearsay information provided by someone else or from observation by the officer and when this data is brought to the magistrate it must establish this.

Why You Should Run a Free Arrest Warrant Search

It is not hard to run an online free arrest warrant search with today’s technology. You can give yourself peace of mind by running a search now.

Remember that not all arrest warrant search information may be available. If you do not find any arrest warrant information when doing an online search, you can always cross reference your data with your county sheriff’s office.

Could You Have an Arrest Warrant Open on Yourself?

You could be surprised how many individuals could have a warrant out for their arrest and not even know about it. Even a small ticket for a traffic matter can lead to an arrest warrant and possible jail time.

Many times, a trip to your local courthouse will provide arrest warrant information, however if your searching for this information far from your location (another state) you will want to contact them first and find out what needs to be done before making plans to visit that location.

This could be a nervous time. If an arrest warrant is out for you this could end in an immediate arrest. Remember to contact your attorney and follow their advice if you find that you have an active warrant out for you.

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