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Rhode Island Arrest Records Search Guide

Rhode Island Arrest Records can provide a wealth of information for someone looking to find arrest reports on someone living in Rhode Island. We will discuss the best way to go about finding these public records both online and off. Finding these court records can be done in person at your local courthouse and online a few different ways. We will show an overview of these methods so you can determine what is more convenient for you.

An arrest record shows the suspected persons criminal activity and is considered to be public data that can be accessed through the state or federal court system. The data within an arrest record will show what crime was committed and when the arrest record took place. The arrest record report will show what act was committed within the crime in most instances.

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Are Criminal conviction records different from Rhode Island Arrest Records?

Rhode Island Arrest Records

Keep in mind that just because an individual was arrested they may not have been convicted of a crime. In some cases these individuals were arrested but found innocent. Only when a conviction is made is that made public record, and that is what is upheld as proof of criminal action. Keep in mind there is a difference between an arrest record and a conviction.

Finding Rhode Island arrest records in person

To find arrest records in Rhode Island in person you can visit your local courts, specifically the county clerks office. These records can be searched by a first and last name and unless these records are sealed or expunged most searches by an individual can access this criminal court records

Find Rhode Island Records online

Technology makes finding stuff easier online, same holds true for finding criminal records online. Here are more ways to access this data online. First try the the online county website that you were going to try in person. There is a chance that they have a way to access these records directly online for a fee. Second you can try using a site like PACER. They provide for a fee electronic records information for federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts.

Keep in mind that if your looking for a certified paper document then it may take longer to receive this records and most of these methods will require a fee.

Third-party online court record search service

Besides using an official government website to search for records you can use a non-government third party search service. Keep in mind that there are times that you may need an official certified copy, if so you should go the government route. if you are searching for your own reasons and purpose then a search service may be perfect for you. These services can provide a cost effective way to find and view records fast. Try running a criminal record search now.

Who can arrest someone in the United States?

Federal Police – The FBI, DEA, and ATF all officers who work for the DOJ (Department of Justice. Because of the U.S. Constitution federal officers cannot exercise general policing.

State Police – This individuals typically operate of the Attorney General’s office.

County – Typically rules and power vary greatly from county to county.

Expungement of Rhode Island Arrest Records

Expungement is defined as the conveyed, legal authorization to eliminate the reference of a past criminal conviction from that individuals Rhode Island Arrest Records that has been convicted of criminal action. If expungement is granted that crime in question is removed from that individuals criminal record and they will no longer be required to reference this criminal act in questioning.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The freedom of information Act is a federal law that gives the right for full or partial admission (transparency) to documents controlled by the United States Government. This amendment was signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson on July 4. 1966. This started a domino’s effect and other state governments followed passing their own FOI law giving public access to records that would include an individual’s Rhode Island Arrest Records.

Things would get even easier in the year 1996 as the Electronic Freedom of Information act was passed allowing certain records to be available electronically. This made searching for court records and arrest history results even easier.

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