Find Public Criminal Records (Search Guide)

Public Criminal records – How to run a Search

A criminal records are exactly what they sound like, a record of a person’s criminal history. Or the particular crimes that he or she has committed. This records can be compiled from all three data sources which are from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Public Criminal records can be found with some work and accessed quite easily.

Public criminal records

Public Criminal Records – Run a Search

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What data can Public Criminal records contain?

This records can include a wealth of information on a person’s criminal past. Including but not limited to misdemeanors, pending charges and in some cases even acquitted charges. However there are some differences from the agency responsible for the actual criminal record.

What do you use Public criminal records for?

Uses for public criminal records vary greatly. Some of the most common reasons someone would initiate a criminal record check would be for the below reasons:

• Background checks for various reasons.
• Employment
• Adoption
• Licensing
• Purchasing of a firearm
• School Admittance
• Ongoing criminal investigation
• Curiosity by an individual

Not all Criminal Records are the same.

County Criminal record search is probably the truest source for finding criminal records. Keep in mind that national or even statewide criminal record checks may not have a full record of all criminal records that exist on an individual.
A county search targets the source of the criminal record.

Federal Criminal court records search house federal court records such as embezzlement, tax evasion, bank robbery, mail fraud, and other federal violations.

National Criminal record check will consist of a variety of sources with the likes of County Court houses, State Departments of incarcerations, Probation Departments, Sex offender Registries and State Record Repositories.

Statewide Criminal Record Search will focus on a state’s database. Keep in mind that not all 50 states in the United States allow access to their criminal record directories.

Finding Criminal Records on yourself

You may already know if a public criminal record exist on yourself so it will now be to the point of retrieving this data. You can in most instance request this information without much trouble.

Sex Crimes

Please note that each state in the United States keeps a sex offender registry. Checking this data is simple as checking the person’s name within the state sex offender website. You can check that here

Find Criminal records

Finding public criminal records can take a little effort and time, however you can access these records with the proper permission. Like we stated before there are three areas you will want to search County, State, and federal

Start with your county sheriffs department.

State government offices like the state bureau of investigation. You can start your search here.

Federal Bureau of investigation

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