Do’s & Dont’s

We at would love to be able to provide background checks for all areas, however this is not possible. Although we make it extremely easy to access our records and deliver them in a very simple format, we cannot provide records in certain areas.

Under the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA) you would be restricted from using our technology for certain activities listed bellow. Take a look at our Dont’s and Do’s to see what you should and shouldn’t run a background check for.

Dont’s – Shouldn’t Use

red-xEmployment screening:
You cannnot use for employment screening, Promotion, demotion, or termination.

You cannot use to screen caretakers, nannies, and domestic help.

red-xTenant screening:
You cannot use to screen tenants for commercial or residential renting or lease property.

red-xSpy or stalk:
This should go without saying. You shouldn’t use this service to spy or stalk someone.

red-xEducational screening:
You shouldn’t use to qualify people for scholarship programs.

red-xCredit Or Insurance Eligibility
You shouldn’t use to search eligibility for insurance programs.

red-xIdentity theft:
You shouldn’t use for the purpose of identity theft of any kind for any reason.

Do’s – Authorize Uses

smallgreencheckPublic Record Search:
You can look up public records and other documents on someone. This may be the fastest way to accomplish this.

smallgreencheckPotential Dates:
You SHOULD check and research potential dates, online or through friends, you can never be to careful.

smallgreencheckPotential Roomates:
You SHOULD check on potential roommates before they move in.

smallgreencheckCheck Yourself Out:
You can check on yourself to see what others may see.

smallgreencheckFriends and Family:
You can use to search friends or family.

smallgreencheckVerify Buyers:
You can use to verify buyers for personnel sales of product.

smallgreencheckCheck on Neighbors:
You can use to check on neighbors. You never know who is living right next door.

smallgreencheckSex Offenders:
You can use to check on sex offenders. Could a sex offender be living close to you?

smallgreencheckHigh School or College Classmates:
You can use to check on classmates High school or College.

You can use to check on your favorite celebrities.

smallgreencheckNew Friends:
You can use to check on new friends you make.

smallgreencheckKids coaches:
You can use to check on your child’s new coaches.