Dating Scams – What To Look For

What To Look For in a Dating Scam

Dating Scams

Dating scams try and play on emotions to get gifts, money, and personal details. This scam is not new however with introduction of social media, and other online tools it has become much easier for the scammer to target victims.

The scam usually starts by the scammer creating bogus profiles that are used on legitimate dating sites. As potential victims are approached the scammer will usually try and bond quick, expressing more of an interest of phone and direct email as a form of communication.

The scammer is trying to gain trust and fast. They will go to great lengths to make the victim believe they truly have feelings for them. It is not uncommon for the scammer to send gifts and share in personal information.

Once the scammer feels like the victim fully trust them and a real romance is happening they will then ask for gifts, money, and personal information from the victim. Credit card details and banking information are also something the scammer will try to obtain.

Scammers are known to play the sick card when asking for money to pay for medical bills or for travel expenses back and forth to doctors or hospitals. Be aware of this and never provide personal information to someone one you really don’t know.

Don’t Be a Victim

None the less being the victim of a dating scam can cost you money which in most cases are impossible to recover. Be sure to always double check who you are dealing with. Running a background check on a new love interest could be a wise decision saving you time and money down the road.

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