Colorado Public Records (Search Guide)

Colorado Public Record

Colorado Public Records

In Colorado there is an open Records Act called CORA. This act requires most public records are available to the public for viewing. This means that anyone has the ability to request these public records that reside in government offices.

A little about Colorado

Colorado sits in the western united states and is known for the rugged Rocky Mountains. Denver, Colorado’s capital sits a high 1 mile above sea level.

Quick Facts

• Capital: Denver
• Population 5.4 Million (2014)
• Pro Football Team: Denver Broncos

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Criminal Records in Colorado

You can visit Colorado department of Public Safety which is the central repository for criminal history, arrest records for the state of Colorado. They use a computerized database that contains arrest records by fingerprints. if an Arrest was not supported by fingerprints that it will not be included in the database

Sex Offender Data

There is a registered sex offender search that you can perform in Colorado. You can visit it here keep in mind that this site does not post data concerning sex offenders only convicted of a misdemeanor sex offense, or Juveniles adjudicated for sex crimes.

DUI Laws in Colorado

If your caught driving under the influence in Colorado with a.08% or higher BAC or if you’re driving while impaired with a BAC of .05% or higher but less the .08% your considered to be driving under the influence.

Penalties for DUI in Colorado


1st offense up to 1 year for DUI or up to 180 days for DWAI
2nd offense: Up to 1 year DUI and DWAI
3rd offense: Up to 1 year DUI and DWAI


1st offense: Up to 1,000 DUI or up to $500 for DWAI
2nd Offense: Up to 1,500 DUI and DWAI
3rd Offense: Up to $1,500 DUI or up to $100 for DWAI

License Suspensions

1st Offense: 9 months DUI and none for DWAI
2nd Offense: 1 year for DUI and DWAI
3rd Offense: 2 years for DUI and DWAI

Try running a full DUI record search and reading a full guide on Colorado public records from Backgrounddigger you can run unlimited searches and data is searched from State, Federal and Local levels.

Colorado Public Records Recap

There are many reasons to run a Colorado Public Records search. From finding out about someone you just meet, do researching your childs new coach, or just research yourself. If your short on time run a premium search from Backgrounddiggers database of more then 1 billion records.

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