Catch a Cheater (Online Tricks)

Catch a Cheater

Catch a cheater by using these online tricks and tips

As great as today’s technology is in making our lives and day to day activities more convenient it also makes cheating a lot more accessible and easier.

With Social media in our pockets there are many ways your significant other can hide there deceptive ways. We will take a look at some of the ways you can catch a cheater by using online tricks. Keep reading below to find out more.

Monitor Your Significant Others Online Activity

Checking the history of your partners computer is not that difficult. We will show you how to check your browser history to try and catch cheater.

Check Google Chrome Browser History


First click the 3 dots on the right upper hand corner of your Chrome Browser.

Second, Scroll down to history and highlight history and click it.

Third, scroll down to view the history of this browser. It is sorted by date and time.

Catch a Cheater

Check Internet Explorer Browser History

Check Internet Explorer Browser History

First Within Internet Explorer (IE) select the favorites button.

Second, Select the history tab

Third, Now you can choose how you would like to view this history. You can select a filter from the menu.

How to catch a cheater
Check Firefox Browser History

First On windows machines simply hold the Control tab and hit the plus H key.

Second, for Mac users hit Command+Shift+H

You can then search by by dates or months.

how to catch a cheater

Research Your Significant other Online

Do a Premium Record search of your partner to see if you can uncover any hidden social profiles or other contact records they may be hiding.

Use Background Diggers record search to find this information fast.

Check Your Partners Mobile Device


Does your spouse or partner keep there cell phone by them at all times and get nervous if you ask to see it? If so, this could be a sign your significant other is hiding something.

Are there numbers you don’t recognize, or when certain calls come in your partner leaves the room to talk? if so, this should be something you need to check further.

Track my iPhone

Track my iPhone is a great way to find a stolen iPhone, and it is also a great way to track your significant other if need be.

You can access this information from your mobile device, or your PC when your partner is out. This is a sure way to see if there telling the truth on there whereabouts.

Remember to be careful when tracking whereabouts, and make sure you real reason to believe your partner is not being faithful before you start invading there privacy.

Higher A Private Investigator To Catch A Cheater

In some cases, the individual may want to enlist the help of a professional. Private investigator may provide the proof that he or she needs to confront their partner. Keep in mind that this can be shocking to some when presented with hard proof in the forms of photos or videos. Also, this could be quite expensive to hire a private investigator.

Whatever route you choose please be responsible when trying to find out if your significant other has been cheating on you. Do your homework and double check sources to be sure your findings are accurate.

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