Background Checks – What Are They (Guide)

Background checks – What are they?

background check

A background check are searches that are done through databases both public and private. These background checks can be extremely useful when searching for a new care provider, babysitter, new love interest, new coach or dance instructor for your child. By running a background check you can uncover potential issues or warning signs on the individual you are searching on.

How is data collected in a background check?

The amount of information that would be included in a background check can vary. Most data is collected from state repositories, administrative offices of the courts and the department of corrections. Data from background checks can also be collected from county and municipal court records.

How to run a Background check in 3 easy steps

What data is revealed in a background check?

When running a background check there are different information that can be populated as the search results come back. Searching on public records would provide information like divorce, death, birth, marriage records. When searching through a third party company your results will be much more in depth pertaining to the history of that individual.

It’s wise to know that there may be certain data that will not show in a background check. This can happen when a definite amount of time passes. For example: Tax liens and bankruptcies only stay on an individual’s record for a certain amount of time.

Expunging is a process that will completely remove the data from a public record. Individuals that have been arrested can try and opt for a motioning for the arrest to be expunged.

When should you run a background check?

There are many reasons to run a background check, your child may have a new coach or instructor and you want to have the peace of mind who your child is being left with. You may have a new love interest and what to make sure you’re getting into a safe environment with this individual.

Running a background check is something that anyone can do with little effort with today’s technology. Its fast, secure, and 100% safe.

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