Arkansas criminal records (Search Guide)

What are Arkansas criminal records?

If you live in the state of Arkansas and your looking to find criminal records we will discus a few different options on how you can achieve this. One will be through the government sites and one will be to use a search service that will provide records from multiple data sources. Criminal records can be useful for checking up on someone you know, a new love interest, or even on yourself. Lets take a look at the different methods and what you need to do to get this data.

How are Arkansas Criminal Records Compiled?

Arkansas Criminal Records are collected from a few different entities in Arkansas. These can be courthouses, or law enforcement agencies like sheriff offices.

These records once filed are then stored in paper or digital format so they can be retrieved when necessary.

Why would someone need Arkansas criminal records data?

Depending on the situation there could be many reasons someone would need to retrieve this data. If your an individual and are looking to date someone you may want to run a criminal public record check on them. You may have a friend asking to help in finding information about themselves or someone you both know. The reasons are endless on why someone would need this information.

How to easily search for Arkansas Criminal records

There are a few ways that you can search for criminal records in Arkansas. You can go to the courthouse and visit the clerks office and search for these records in person. You could also search public criminal records online by using a public record search service. All you need to do is search by a users first and last name.

First Name

Last Name


Criminal Records Information in Arkansas

Arkansas criminal records
We will list some of the more important resources for accessing public records in Arkansas. There are local specific websites that you can use to search data quickly and also courthouses and courts within Arkansas that you could visit in person to research criminal records on a search subject.

Arkansas Judiciary Court Connect
Court Forms Arkansas Judiciary
Arkansas Circuit Courts
Wiki Courts of Arkansas

Searching in person

If you have the time and want to search in person you can visit the persons your searching county if you know it, and search at that local courthouse for criminal information pertaining to that person. Just like if you search online, you will need the persons first and last name to make the search. Keep in mind you will have to be aware of where the arrest happened to find this information in person.

Search Arkansas Criminal Records online

Searching for records online is becoming the normal way to search for most public data. Criminal records can be found searching by a persons first and last name along with the state the persons resides in. You can also search nationwide if you the search service you choose allows you to.

You can also use the Arkansas courts website to try and find the records you are looking for.

Arkansas Criminal Records are available to you

People may find gathering this information time consuming and difficult, but the reality is that with technology the way it has grown it makes finding data online more accessible then ever. You simply need a first and last name to run a search and find information on someone.

Use to search for Arkansas criminal records online

We offer a great nationwide or state search for criminal records in Arkansas along with many more search features once you become a member. We offer unlimited searching for a small fee. But remember we are not a FCRA certified resource so you cant use our service for credit checks, employment, housing, rentals, and all other FCRA uses.

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