Arizona criminal records (Search Guide)

What are Arizona criminal records?

Finding Arizona criminal Records can be searched in person or online. We will discuss and show you some of these ways and talk about what is the most effective way for you to access this public criminal records on your own.

Criminal records are a documented history of a persons criminal history. These records are used to determine a person’s trust. In some cases they are to help employers make informative decisions on hiring. In other cases individuals looking to check on new friends, coaches, or neighbors could find a criminal background check useful.

Arizona Criminal Records

How are Arizona Criminal Records Compiled?

Arizona Criminal Records are collected and kept current on multiple levels. These are from the federal, state, and local level by different law enforcement agencies. The reason for this is simple. To be able to present a criminal history of an individual.

First Name

Last Name



What is the purpose of having Arizona criminal records data?

Compiling Arizona criminal records can be for many purposes, but the most common will be for checking on a person’s background history for employment, security reasons, travel, etc or to see if they may have a warrant out for them.

How to easily search for Arizona Criminal records

Search in person

If you have the time and know where the search subject resides and where the criminal action took place you visit the local courthouse and clerks office and search for these records in person. Years ago this was the only way to lookup records as they were not available online. You should not have to provide much information other then the search subjects name as long as your in the right search subjects location.

Arizona criminal Records online

You can thank the advancements in technology for allowing online searches for almost everything these days. Public records including criminal records are searchable completely online, if they record is available some records are hidden from the public.

To search online all one needs is a first and last name. Try searching directly online the clerk of courts website that the search subject resides in. Or if you know the criminal location search that clerk of courts office if it is different then the one your search subject resides in.

Arizona important criminal record websites

Here are some resources that you should check out when wanted to search for criminal records in Arizona. These websites will provide further information on finding public records and where to search

Arizona Judicial Branch
A guide to the Arizona Court System
Public access court lookup

Using a public record search service

Using a search service like backgrounddigger is a great first step in searching for criminal records in Arizona. All you need is a first and last name and you can either search a specific state or search nationwide. For a small fee, you can search unlimited times and also have much more access to reports you couldn’t find in one place otherwise.

Arizona Criminal Records are available to you

If you believe that someone you know has a criminal record run a fast online criminal background check. Horrible crimes take place every single day and records of these crimes are indexed and available to you for viewing. Our Arizona Criminal Records search will give you the information on anyone in the state of Arizona and Nationwide.

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