Alabama Criminal Records (Free Search Guide)

What are Alabama criminal records?

Alabama criminal records will allow a person to see a history of a persons criminal past if he or she was convicted and charged for a crime. We will see how you can search these records either online or in person at a courthouse. Remember that you will need to know the persons first and last name and if you visit the courthouse in person your search subject must reside in that county. Let us take a look at how you can find and retrieve these public court records.

Criminal records or as some call them police records are records of a person’s criminal history. This records are used to determine a person’s trust. In some cases they are to help employers make informative decisions on hiring. In other cases individuals looking to check on new friends, coaches, or neighbors could find a criminal background check useful.

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How are Alabama Criminal Records Compiled?

Alabama Criminal Records

Alabama Criminal Records are collected and kept current on multiple levels. These are from the federal, state, and local level by different law enforcement agencies.

The reason for this is simple. To be able to present a criminal history of an individual by being able to retrieve this data either by a psychical record or online digital record.

Searching for Alabama criminal records

In Person

Take a trip to the courthouse that your search subject resides in. This may or may not be in option for some. However if you know where the person your trying to run criminal records on is located you can visit the courthouse and clerks office to gather this data. All you need is his or her name and you should be able to gather the information you need.

Online searches

Searching online has become the norm with the advancements of technology. Users can now search by PC’s, tables, and smartphones within minutes. Reports can be viewed in almost real-time and there is no need to travel long distances to a physical courthouse if the user chooses not to.

We will provide a list of useful Alabama courthouse websites to better help in your search

Useful Alabama Websites to find Public and Criminal Records

Alabama judicial system
Alabama judicial circuits
State courts of Alabama

What is the purpose of having Alabama criminal records data?

Compiling Alabama criminal records can be for many purposes, but the most common will be for checking on a person’s background history for employment, security reasons, travel, etc.

Alabama Criminal Records are available to you

If you believe that someone you know has a criminal record run a fast online criminal background check. Horrible crimes take place every single day and records of these crimes are indexed and available to you for viewing. Our Alabama Criminal Records search will give you the information on anyone in the state of Alabama and Nationwide.

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