20 Reasons To Run A Background Check

Reasons To Run A Background Check

Reasons to run a background check and how to search

There are many reasons that someone would want to run a background check. We are putting together a list of 20 reasons why someone would run a background check and why.

No matter what the reason is, running a background check can give you answers to questions you may have on certain individuals. You may even want to run a background check on yourself, its not uncommon to find things you may have forgot about, people have found out they even have a warrant out for them.

Remember, there is not a single database that houses every criminal record in the US, this just doesn’t exist. Most private criminal databases are derived from more than 3200 courthouses within the US and technology lets us pull this data into one easy to read report.

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Top Reasons To Run A Background Check

1. On Yourself

Running a background check on yourself might sound like a weird idea but you could be surprised what you might find. Don’t think employers aren’t looking into your background, they are.

You should know what information is visible on you. Find something that shouldn’t be there, or maybe it is something you forgot about, either way it gives you the chance to clean up your reputation before someone else finds it first.

2. Kids Coach

A lot of us have kids that are either in school athletics, private coaching, dance classes, or other one-on-one group coaching activity’s. It’s not uncommon for parents to have questions on who they are leaving there children with. Running a background check can give you some insight on these individuals.

3. Caregivers

Whether you are looking for care for your young child while your at work, or have aging parents that need care, it will be a good idea to do a personal background check on them.

You cannot be too careful when it comes to trusting your loved ones with potential strangers. Even though companies should be running their own background checks on potential employers it’s a good idea to do your research as well.

4. Neighbors

Want to get the scoop on your neighbors, curious about things you may have heard? Running a background check on your neighbor could give you answers you’re looking for.

Remember as you become friendly with your neighbors it’s not uncommon for them to enter your home, possible get mail while your away, etc. You should have an idea of who you’re dealing with.

5. New Love interest

Have you been out of the dating scene for a while? If so, your not alone. Like millions of Americans we turn to online dating sites to find connections. Do yourself a favor and run a background search on the new person you may be heading out on a first date with.

It is better to find out if he or she has any serious past issues before things get to deep. Running a background search could also protect you from being with someone that could potentially be dangerous.

6. Friends

Many may ask why you would want or need to run a background check on a friend. This is a legitimate question and most people wouldn’t think of running a check on current friends, but things happen, bonds or trust may be broken and background checks are run.

According to the FBI in 2015 there were roughly 44 background checks done every minute. The agency conducted a total of 23,141,970 last year.

7. Family

Believe it or not background checks are run on family members a massive amount of time each year.

When it comes to family there could be dozens of reason why one would want to run a background check on a family member. From being asked to borrow money, to co-signing a loan, you never know.

8. You’re just curious

Curiosity is a strong urge and is a major reason why background checks are performed each year. Most people are naturally curious to find out things about people they don’t know, good or bad, people just want to know.

9. Searching your EX

Reasons To Run A Background Check

Searching an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is a very common action. Please remember that you should never use this information within a report to bother or harass anyone. Please respect the users you are searching.

10. Searching an employee

Employers looking to hire new help should find it in their best interest to run a background check before committing time and resources to that individual.

Companies should take every precaution so they can ensure physical and financial safety within their work place. Running a simple background check can save the company valuable time and money.

11. Searching a coworker

Remember you should never use the information within a background report to harass, stalk, or bother someone. You may work in outside sales and have to start working or driving with a new coworker. There is nothing wrong with running a background check on that individual to see what they are about.

12. Find old friends

Running a background check could be the answer to finding that old friend, ex-coworker, War buddy, lost family member, and other lost relationships that you would like to know about.

It is not uncommon to find the person you’re searching for with new contact information and a way to reconnect.

13. Renting your home out (Landlords)

Reasons To Run A Background Check

If you’re a private person that is renting there home out by themselves it is highly recommended to run a background check on the new potential renter that may be living in your home.

You can find more information on why you should run a background check before a new tenant moves in.

14. Loans

Running a background check on someone that is getting a loan tells the lender about what the borrower intentions may be as far as paying back the loan.

15. Celebrities

Like we have said before you should never use the information within a background report to harass, stalk, or bother someone.

More fun than you think, looking up background information on today’s celebrities can be a break from the more important reasons we run background checks.

16. Create a sense of peace

Running a background check could bring some calm and peace to the individual that has been thinking about a certain person and there background.

Remember you may not always like what you find when running a background check, so be prepared.

17. Teach someone else how to run a background check

Show someone else the benefits of running a background check. Someone that is not computer savvy may benefit from you showing them how to search and run a background check. Today’s technology makes it very easy.

18. Business Transaction

Getting ready to do business with someone you’re not familiar with? It may be wise to run a background check on that individual to see if anything alarming shows up. This could save you months or even years of pain, you will be surprised how has a criminal past.

19. Handy Man

Reasons To Run A Background Check

Hiring someone to work in your house? Run a background check to make sure your letting someone in your home that can be trusted. A background check can’t fully guarantee if you can trust a handy man, but it’s a good start.

20. To stay safe

It’s a pretty simple concept, run a background check whenever you feel the need. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Do keep in mind that running a background check is just another step into keeping safe. There are others things you can do to determine an individual trustworthiness.


Running a background check has many benefits in today’s society. With technology allowing for data to be compiled in real-time directly from your computer almost anyone can find public data with little to no effort.

If we have missed any reasons why you should run a background check above please let us know.

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